2016 Stanton Barrett Syrah Reserve

Stanton Barrett Family Wines Reserve Syrah is a delightful, full body Syrah that exemplifies the style. Syrah grapes, taken from Marquette Vineyard in Paso Robles, were mindfully transported to our winery in Temecula for careful crushing, fermentation, and barreling. Aging the Syrah wine in fine-grained Nadalié Pennsylvania Oak barrels gifts this varietal with character notes of dark berries, plum, black pepper, and soft tannins that cleverly enhance your food pairings or pleasurable drinking moments.

Only three barrels of Syrah were produced in 2016.

Tasting Notes: Dark berries, red berries, plum, and black pepper with soft tannins, minerals, smoke, and a lingering toasted finish.

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