2016 Ethereal Sauvignon Blanc Reserve - All Sales to Fire Victims of Sonoma and Napa Counties

Ethereal Reserve is a heavenly, unworldly and spiritual journey, delicate, refined and exquisite in its endeavor to please one's palate. Ethereal eludes the characteristics of common, the search for endless perfection which savors the most refreshing light and tantalizing tropical notes that dances with tastes of pineapple while reserving additional hints of tropical notes. 

The lesson of the butterfly is in letting go of old behavior and expounding into the next phase of existence. A journey that we hope will encourage others to give, love, and express the beauty of compassion for helping others and live with an extraordinary character of love, peace, and giving.  

Ethereal Reserve Sauvignon Blanc’s labor of love was endeavored to represent our passion to produce continued excellence for the art of wine and giving to others. All sales of Ethereal are donated to a specific charitable cause each vintage year.

Refreshing in character, Ethereal will complement your gourmet cuisines or preferred time of drinking pleasures.

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits, lemongrass, minerals.


Stanton Barrett Family Wines annually collaborates with renowned artist Renée Guercia to create exquisitely beautiful butterfly paintings. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls; they are viewed as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. These same attributes are sustained in our ongoing efforts to contribute to giving inspiration, hope, and life for others less fortunate.

Prints of Renée’s paintings will be sold with a portion of the proceeds donated to charity along with 100% of sales generated from the Ethereal Reserve.

For our first vintage, the 2016 Ethereal Reserve, our chosen charity is the victims and families of Sonoma and Napa Valley’s devastating fire.

Click to purchase the 2016 Ethereal Reserve vintage supporting families and victims of the Sonoma and Napa Valley fire.

Read more about the artist Renée Guercia. CLICK HERE

Donate additional funds that will be distributed by 4Caring.org to charity organizations in the Sonoma and Napa region. CLICK HERE

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