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2017 Minarets Cabernet Reserve

The Minarets Peaks are distant, yet majestically set with prominence in one of nature’s most evident expressions of beauty. A set of peaks nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is an iconic image and now a reflection of this Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine that’s been handcrafted with the finest equal to the detail and elegance of these majestic mountain peaks it’s portrayed after. 

We spare no expense or efforts, as these grapes grow on a small 2.5-acre vineyard, cared for with detail, hand-picked with selection upon the harvest and fermented with the upmost respect. The bearing fruit was allowed time to build its character while barrel aging. 

Our Cabernet Sauvignon grape and Nadalié French Oak barrels are both a cultivation of nature’s powerful creation and struggle while aged with care by nature and man skilled with passion and a visionary endeavor of crafting the finest California wine that awaits in the bottle held by our heart and by your hand.

Stanton Barrett Family Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is still carefully aging in the finest hand-selected 36-month Nadalié Colbert 100% French Oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: Elegant with medium body, tobacco, chocolate, coffee grounds, black cherry, and a smoke finish.

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