Ramato Pinot Grigio

Enrique Ferro describes the origins of our special Ramato Pinot Grigio.


Ramato is a special skin-fermented white wine reflecting a copper color. Ramato refers to an old Friulian-style of fermenting Pinot Grigio on its skins, thus creating a coppery-colored wine. Achieving this beautiful color process is impartial to the pressure and time at which the Pinot Grigio grape is pressed.

Copper Falls Reserve Pinot Grigio begins its journey from a small exquisite vineyard of only two acres. A sun-kissed growing environment that was strained by extraordinarily hot summer days that stressed the vines, which fought to shadow the precious grapes. The yields proved low for 2016. Grapes with thick-skinned and dense fruit bearing the fullness of unique character prevailed. With special care we hand-picked these grapes, then attention to detail of pressing and fermentation of this special wine began. The Ramato style of Copper Falls Reserve has produced an elegant transformation of refreshing richness to the palate. A beautifully well-balanced wine rich with flavorful aromas of floral and orange peel that finishes with a lingering taste of tantalizing subtle hints of spice.